Hi Everybody! I wanted to officially introduce myself and welcome you all to my new site. I’m hoping that moving forward you’ll get to know me and my work a little better and maybe we’ll even get to work together.

First, a little background…I moved to Toronto when I was 18 going into my first year at York University for Humanities. At the time I had these great big plans of changing the world and helping those who needed it most. Within my first year I struggled with my major and found it a little too vast, I then narrowed it down to International Development Studies, or so I thought I was. Even then I found it was very overwhelming…finally, Psychology it was! I loved it, I wanted to work with children because I felt that were our greatest gifts and they, unlike adults, couldn’t fight for themselves. I was enrolled in a Specialized Honours Degree with fairly decent marks, I lived in residence and I had a part time job on campus. After my third year I was starting to feel so heavy from the tests, essays, reading…I wanted to be interacting with people, helping people, just living a little more of my ‘dream’ life…you know, the one you really really want but think it’s impossible to get. On the last night before the college application deadline I applied to a couple different schools for Photography, the least I could do was try. My biggest fear was looking back and wishing I had tried, even if it meant failing. I graduated with my degree in Psychology in 2008 and stared my Creative Photography Program the following year….that was the best thing decision I have ever made. I won’t lie, the industry is hard and I’ll admit I’m not great at advertising/selling myself publicly or privately aaand that makes things a lot harder. But it is, hands down, the most rewarding job. Luckily I have a partner who has a stable career and who supports me in every sense of the word, it makes the times when I’m not so busy or when I’m being hard on myself suck a little less. When I first started I worked as an assistant in the commercial world (I was in a studio most of the time setting up lights, etc.). It took me a really long time before I had the confidence to actually call myself a photographer. It’s such a heavy title for me. Whether you’re shooting product for someone or doing a portrait, someone is being vulnerable for you. They’re either trusting you’re going to make their product look the way they dreamt it up in their head when they were tirelessly creating it OR you’re taking someone’s picture! Unless you’re photographing a model, who is comfortable with having their photo taken? Said person is trusting me to capture who they feel they are inside. As you can see from the content of my site I’ve moved more into the private area of photography; weddings, maternity, special events. One of the greatest joys in my life is capturing the true beauty that people are. Showing someone how special they are and creating a memory for them is one of my favourite things in life. It’s been 9 years now since I graduated from my Photography program at Humber College and they have been the best 9 years of my life!

Lelania Little